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We are Christ Culture Church

"New in town or been here a while? Either way, 'We Are Christ Culture Church!' is where you'll want to be. Dive into our community spirit, hear Pastor King's heart, and chill with us over lunch afterwards. Got little ones? We've got fun lined up for them too. Hope to catch up with you!" Check the Events page for the next Welcome to CCC!



"Unlocked" is a transformative two-Sunday event designed to help participants discover their unique spiritual gifts and better understand their personalities within the context of the Enneagram. At Christ Culture Church, we deeply believe in the divine design and purpose imbued within each individual. This event is a crucial step in our mission to empower every member of our congregation to unlock their God-given gifts, harness their distinct personality traits, and actualize their unique role in advancing God's Kingdom. Check the Events page for the next Unlocked!



Christ Culture Church is a community of believers who are passionate about serving others. Our church is run by volunteers, who give their time and talents to make our services and programs thrive. We hold ministry fairs on a regular basis to connect members with various ministry opportunities, where they can use their gifts to serve others and make a difference in our community. As we work together to build up Christ's body, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of faith and service. You can join a team below. 

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